My Approach

Having spent the past 10 years working within the mental health sector I have continued to practice privately and have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderfully different, unique people on their journey’s, and see the effect that untold stories or fears, the lack of early attachments, the abusive and opportunistic nature within all of us has led me to develop and work more in a brief term therapeutic counselling context.

My aim is to give service in whichever way and method that is within my experience and toolbox; my approach being to see the other – the I / Thou relationship - and walk alongside them on their journey for the right amount of time, it is a holistic approach which incorporates our soulfulness and existential and higher aspirational natures alongside our minds, bodies, desires, sensations, emotions and feelings.

Having originally trained as a Psychosynthesis therapist / counsellor I come from a more psychospiritual, and transpersonal overview and I use and incorporate many other modalities gained from my 25 years of experience practicing privately and in the mental health field; particularly Psychodynamic and Transactional Analysis theories. I have also studied CBT as well as POP (Process Orientated Psychology (Deep Democracy)).

Many of my referrals come from local GPs; particularly if patients do not wish to take psychotropic medication, and in many cases and in times of crisis it may be a necessity.  

I do not believe that therapy / counselling needs to be long term - I feel it is vital to have the time and space to bring your learnings and changes into action and live and ground them in your life – people come back to me on a regularly irregular basis – as their lives unfold and deepen, so does our work together – we are all guides and travellers.

Therapeutic counselling is unique to each client and I use and am experienced in a variety of techniques incorporating breath, vocal and meditation techniques, life coaching, art, music, guided / embodied imagery, prose, gestalt techniques / chair work as well as the fundamental aspects of unconditional positive regard, building relationship and trust and the simple act of authentic, congruent talking and being listened to and heard absolutely.


My practice is based in Washington, Sussex

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