Vincent Hill

I am passionate about eliciting change and curious about how people engage and attempt to bring about change and maintenance in their lives. I am of the firm belief that our psychological processes are the polarity of our spiritual crises and vice versa, and that my personal process is hand in hand with my spiritual unfoldment and journey - beyond any faith, religion, creed, colour, gender, nationality, culture and political belief system there is simplicity, love, will and peace – we all come from the same essential source.

As I age, embracing my eldership and wisdom, my life unfolds as continual ripples of change – just like the universe – expanding – encompassing more – understanding and potentially becoming more complete and for most of these changes it has taken a huge leap of faith within myself.

I have worked in a variety of fields; 18 years in Electronic Music Instrument technologies and eight years in premium niche drinks branding; I have been practicing as a therapeutic counsellor for some 25 years, re-training in my early 30’s as a Psychosynthesis Counsellor and Therapist at the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust. Since that time, I have worked with many not for profit organisations such as WYSE, COUI, Place2Be, Greenwich University and more recently with RPFI and Sussex Oakleaf as a registered CQC Service Manager running residential mental health units.

Being a parent and father has been of great significance and importance to me, and still plays a very vital part in my existence whether with my own kids - now grown up, or within the work that I currently engage in with young people and children.

As we bring change into our lives, everything has to shift around us and I get great satisfaction and contentment steering the tiller of life forwards for myself and others with passion, energy and youthfulness together with appreciation and gratitude for the unknown.

Shanti, shanti, shanti.


My practice is based in Washington, Sussex

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