Fathers – Our Sons & Daughters Group

Who it's for:

What was your experience of being parented, how are your relationships with your parents now that you are an adult and a parent? What do you want to change in your relationships with your children and how do you bring that change about?

This group has been created from a demand from fathers who wish to take a more active and knowing role in their parenting and fathering, let alone manage the ever-changing dynamics of the relationships with the mother and the other family members.

How it works:

This group will meet fortnightly – co-created and designed by the group itself, the themes, discussions, therapeutic input and facilitation will allow us to take a journey together, to look at commonalities and differences, to support and understand each other, to know that we are not alone in our experiences and frustrations. Interspersed with psychological theory and practice, self-reflective discussion and exercises, this group will give you the tools and understanding as to building solid healthy relationships with your children, meeting them equally and their constant changes and needs.

This group is only for fathers, whether you are the parent of or caring for a biological, adopted, fostered young person or child, this group will challenge, sustain and nourish you towards becoming a conscious father.

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