Good Enough Parenting Group

Who it's for:

How do you create boundaries and impose restrictions? How do you have ‘that’ talk whether about sex, drugs, relationships, love, life and death? What are acceptable risks to take, do you listen actively to them, do you remember that you were a child / teenager too, do you immediately go to your crying baby or toddler; how does their behaviour inform you of their wants and needs?

If we wish for the world to be safer, peaceful and deeply democratic, for our children to realise their talents and potentials, then maybe it is us who needs to bring these changes in to our and, subsequently, their lives.

How it works:

There is no manual or absolute right way to good enough parenting. It could be an effortless job; an opportunity for us to play, to change the generational issues that our parents were challenged by and in turn have passed on, whether unconsciously or consciously. Moving away from conditional love, control, over-protection to that of unconditional love and respect, honouring that our children could be validated, potentialize and bring mastery into their lives simply because they exist.

This group will meet fortnightly – co-created and designed by the group itself, the themes, discussions, therapeutic input and facilitation will allow us to take a journey together, to look at commonalities and differences, to support and understand each other, to know that we are not alone in our experiences and frustrations. Interspersed with psychological theory and practice, self-reflective discussion and exercises, this group will give you the solid foundations of how you deal with your babies, toddlers or teenagers?

This parenting group is open to mothers and fathers, whether in relationships or single parenting, whether the primary or secondary carer, foster parents etc. Our children are our ultimate investment.

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