Soul Circle Meditation Group

The Power of Meditation, Mindfulness, Affirmation & Prayer

Who it's for:

There are many forms of meditation and mindfulness, the latter being the buzz word of the moment. How can we bring these practices into our own lives for increased wellbeing - physically, mentally and emotionally? How we can incorporate affirmation and prayer as a positivistic method of creating our lives as well as harnessing the power of being in a group meditating together for a higher inner and outer purpose?

This meditation circle is beyond any specific religion, faith, spiritual discipline, the focus being our essential soul and spiritual nature within whilst exploring the qualities of inner stillness and peace.

Whoever you are - if you are seeking greater meaning and purpose in your life - this soul circle could be for you.

How it works:

Meditating together in a group, channels and increases the energy of healing and receptiveness, it cleanses and clarifies, allowing us increased observation of ourselves and our emerging meaning and purpose in the universe.

Since moving down from London to West Sussex a few years ago I have come across several types of meditation groups, particularly with those who follow a particular spiritual discipline or those that are fairly select and have very lengthy waiting times to join.

What I am putting forward is that those of you who are seeking a circle of like minded people who meditate, want to increase their meditation practice and incorporate prayer and affirmation, that we begin to create a circle working on areas that we would like to explore and experience; different forms of meditation and tradition, bringing in a deeper democratic process as to how the group develops, selecting certain spiritual and psychological areas that we wish to engage and learn more about and to meditate on a group theme and send that energy and healing out into the world and universe. We are all pupils and teachers.

The group will run fortnightly/monthly begin in Autumn 2018.

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My practice is based in Washington, Sussex

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