Booking / Cancellation / Fees & Concessions


In the majority of cases we will book for an initial block of 8 (eight) sessions (not including initial interview / assessment session); at which point we will review our work together and discuss whether to continue.

We will book a month’s sessions in advance and confirm our next meeting date and time at the end of the previous session for clarity and to reduce the possibility of cancellations. I do aim to be as flexible as I can.

Sessions will begin and end on time - their duration with be 50 minutes - the session will begin when you arrive and end at the original time.


You will be charged for sessions that you do not attend and have been booked in advance - if I am able to rebook within 48 hours I will try to do this. All cancellation charges are applicable regardless of the reasons for cancelling.

Fees & Concessions:

The agreed session fee is payable at the end of each session. Payment terms to be agreed – Cash / BACS. I do offer reduced session fees dependant upon your circumstances, please do feel free to contact me to discuss session fees.

Session fees are subject to revision from time to time. Advance notice will be given of any increase. I aim to meet your needs within the proposed and agreed time frame.


My practice is based in Washington, Sussex

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