Ripples of Change

Who it's for:

Maybe you have decisions to make now in your life? Maybe you find yourselves at a crossroads and
are attempting to make a considered and reflective decision rather than simply letting life happen to
you and going with the flow?

How it works:

Only when you make changes in your life does change occur around you – it is almost a universal
psychological law. Our words allow communication, understanding, connection with others – they
also bring confusions, disconnection, separation and pain. It is our actions and behaviours in the
world that show us who we are and how we could choose to be. These actions are the reflections of

This workshop will create and nurture the ground for your transition and goals, working with others
who are experiencing similar in their lives, through discussion, application to transition psychology,
understanding your anxieties and fears, guided and reflective meditation and using art / prose /
music and therapeutic and psychological processes, the outcome of attending this workshop is that
you construct your pathway forwards, changing the procrastination and sabotaging habits, taking
that leap of faith in order for you to create the life that you deserve.

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