Self-Compassion & The Recovery of Innocence

Who it's for:

This workshop is intended to create the space for self-compassion and the recovery of innocence, the time before the past of self-loathing and little worth. Whether you have experienced trauma and abusive relationships, whether you realise that you are the only one who can believe and affirm yourself, this day / weekend workshop could be for you.

How it works:

Self-confidence, being self-assured, having self-esteem etc. are incredibly difficult things to change within oneself particularly as we forget to nourish and look after ourselves, and subsequently the relationship that we have with ourselves is flawed, critical, judgemental and conditional. Working with self-compassion and in a deeper value driven process – having compassion towards others, bringing empathy and understanding and unconditionality into our aspects, attitudes and perspectives begins to change the relationship we have with ourselves and attracts healthy and new significant relationships and actions into our lives.

We use a variety of methods to review and acknowledge where we are in the world with this idea; incorporating art, music, dance, discussion, group process, guided meditations, meditative breathing techniques, prose and poetry to find ways into psyche allowing the values and qualities of acceptance, compassion, wisdom and innocence back into our lives, energising and allowing us to bring meaning, purpose and direction into our lives.

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