Soul Nourishment for Grumpy Old Gits n Gals

Who it's for:

Are you feeling world weary and colourless? Are you aware that your life needs a kickstart and to forge new pathways? You may feel that there is nothing more to learn, that you cannot change or learn new things and realise new talents and potentials or let go of the heaviness of things uncompleted – if you do - this workshop could be for you.

As we age and traverse through our lives, we make decisions, take on new ideas and notions, interact, resist and grump at the continual cycles of war, money and the lack of change in society. Yet we also grump at the changes in society – forgetting the intensity of the feelings of youth, and there comes a time when, in our relative quiet from the activity of family and work, our inner sense of who we are actually being and what is emerging insists that the renewing and reconnecting with our sense of purpose and meaning is vital as we take ownership of our elderhood.

How it works:

Soul Nourishment for Grumpy Old Gits & Gals is a journey of self-discovery and exploration of life transitions and endings and irrespective of any faith, religion or creed brings us back to our essential essence, nourishing and feeding our soul nature with beauty, compassion and joy. We will be looking at our cycles and life lines, connecting with our emerging purpose, freeing ourselves of past baggage and looking ahead at how we may potentialize and create our next future - our next adventure.

We will be using a variety of methods and techniques including music, poetry, deep breath work and meditation, guided meditation, art and through discussion, psycho-education and group process explore our own inner Grumpy Old Git or Gal. Join us for a time of peace and adventure, of challenge and ownership, of laughter and connection, love and soul nourishment.

This weekend / two-day workshop is open to all who believe that they fit into being a GOG! Would suit couples as well as singles.

Facilitators: Vincent Hill – Brian Graham

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