The Benefits of Good Mental Health in Your Organisation

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Who’s it for:

This program has been developed for people who are overloaded, suffering from depression and deep melancholy / experiencing conflicting states and extremes of anxiety / not sleeping well / not managing day to day / knowing that there is something wrong / returning to a similar gnawing of undealt with issues / feeling in crisis or sensing a loss of meaning and purpose.

How it works:

This eight-week brief term therapeutic counselling is unique to each client and according to need uses a variety of techniques incorporating breath and meditation techniques, understanding the triggers and how to manage your mental health cycles, life coaching, art, music, guided / embodied imagery, prose, gestalt techniques as well as the fundamental aspects of trust, building relationship and the simple acts of authentic and congruent talking and being listened to and heard absolutely.

We meet once for an initial interview / assessment session, for both of us to see whether we feel comfortable to work together and what your outcomes and needs may be; we then commit to 8 weekly sessions, with a brief scaling psychological test on the first and final review sessions.

Next steps:

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